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"Fueling Finance and Investment in SME Sector for better growth"


"Empower SMEs to transform into emerging Corporate"
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ABOUT >> Objectives
  1. Empower SMEs for better interaction with Banks and Financial Institutions
  2. Channelizing adequate and timely finance and investment
  3. Identifying financial requirements
  4. Pursuing with Banks, EXIM Bank, ECGC, SIDBI, RBI, FIs, Rating Agencies, CIBIL, Ministry of Finance and MSME and take up relevant issues
  5. Provide financial management training and education
  6. Establish strategic partnerships with Investors
  7. Preparing SMEs for Finance & Investment
  8. Restructuring & Revival of Sick SME Industries
  9. Assist in creating a financial governance model for the business
  10. Assist in taking up the SME sector issues with the opinion makers, government agencies and regulators