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"Fueling Finance and Investment in SME Sector for better growth"


"Empower SMEs to transform into emerging Corporate"
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Considering the vital role played by Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in economic and industrial development of the Nation, the policy makers, financial institutions and commercial banks should take the initiative to support and empower them to fulfill their financial requirements for business growth and expansion. SMEs are always in the forefront to provide large employment, industrial output and export performance, but then also they face tremendous difficulties to get timely and adequate finance from Banks and Financial Institutions. The reason: SMEs are not fully aware about how to obtain Private Equity /Venture Capital / Government Grants and Incentives as well as FDI or Investment. Furthermore, most of the SMEs do not have the required knowledge and awareness about financial management, funds availability, credit ratings, restructuring, revival of sick units, merger and acquisitions. These issues need to be addressed accordingly.